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ANSA McAL “leaders” graduate


ANSA McAL’s future leaders have reached a milestone.

Fifteen (15) of the Group’s managers graduated from the inaugural ANSA McAL Leadership Development Series, an  intensive nine-month programme which was custom designed in collaboration with the University of the West Indies (UWI).

The ANSA McAL Group has a longstanding relationship with UWI, the regional tertiary level institution. In collaboration with the Business Development Unit, headed by Dr. David Rampersad, the UWI facilitated programme employed a “Solution-Leadership” Model to meet the demands of leaders in the global economy relevant to the Caribbean context.  The programme was facilitated by Dr. Manfred Jantzen, who addressed the gathering and reminded the graduands of the critical Seven Leadership Competencies which formed the content of the ANSA McAL Leadership Programme and the ANSA McAL Leadership mantra –  “Value Obsessed, Performance Driven, Innovation Propelled, Knowledge Invested and Environment Conscious.”


Group Graduates

Leadership Development Programme Participants:
Back left: David Sabga-Group Deputy Chairman (Decision Team Executive), Ramesh Lackhan (Trinidad Match), George Elias (ABEL- Air Conditioning Division), Richard Jones(ANSA McAL), Gerry Brooks (Decision Team Executive), Dr. Manfred Jantzen (UWI), A. Norman Sabga – Chairman (Decision Team Executive), Ulric Miller (Tatil), Verne Pantin (Carib Brewery), Steve Dipnarine (Trinidad Broadcasting Company), Jason Mohammed (ABEL), Pete London (ABEL), Dr. Frank Rampersad (UWI).
Seated from left: Joy Gomes (AMCO), Halycon Salazar-Marhue (Trinidad Publishing Company), David Welch (Carib Brewery), Andy Mahadeo (ANSA McAL Chemicals),  Elizabeth Harford-Rooks (AMCO), and Cyntra Achong (Cable News Channel 3)
The graduands were chosen from the ranks of promising mid-level to Director-level management throughout the Group’s fifty plus subsidiaries.  Present at the luncheon and graduation ceremony were David Sabga – Deputy Chairman and Gerry Brooks – Chief Operating Officer as well as members of the Parent Board and several other ANSA McAL Executives, who generously contributed their extensive real world experience as Coaches, Mentors and Decision Team Executives.

Andy Mahadeo
(ANSA McAL Chemicals)

Group Chairman and Chief Executive A. Norman Sabga who also participated in the programme as a Decision Team Executive, congratulated the graduands and reiterated the company’s commitment to “grow our executives into leaders”.  He stated that the Group required competent, capable and talented executives and advised them that their  future at ANSA McAL lay in their own hands, saying:“Life becomes more demanding at the top of the totem pole.”

All the graduands received a Certificate.  Special recognition was given to the Knowledge Team headed by Ramesh Lackhan.  Other team members,

George Elias, Elizabeth Harford-Rooks, Joy Gomes, Jason Mohammed and Ulric Miller received miniature plaques.Andy Mahadeo, Managing Director of ANSA McAL Chemicals in his valedictorian address opined that the programme did achieve its stated objective of developing leadership and resulted in a highly networked group of employees, who will continue to interact with each other-“We have all made some lasting friendships and alliances that bodes well for the Group.”

The ANSA McAL Leadership Development Programme is the first of its kind to be initiated by a local conglomerate. It is specifically engineered to develop potential leaders within the ANSA McAL Group. The second year of the programme will include executives and managers from the Group’s Barbados subsidiaries.

Knowledge Team:
Back from left: Ulric Miller (Tatil)  Jose Nivet-MD AMCO, Gerry Brooks – Group COO, 
A. Norman Sabga – Chairman and Chief Executive, Jason Mohammed (ABEL).
Front, from left: Joy Gomes (AMCO), Ramesh Lackhan (Trinidad Match),
Elizabeth Harford-Rooks (AMCO) & George Elias (ABEL – Air Conditioning).

Dr. Frank Rampersad, Head-UWI Business Development Unit with Group Leader – Winner of Best Team Project-Ramesh Lackhan– GM, Trinidad Match

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