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ANSA McAL Summer Internship Programme


Interns’ Snapshot for July 2011

The ANSA McAL Summer Employment Programme, is an internship programme that is open to the children of Group employees who are currently enrolled in University. This initiative is yet another expression of the value the Group continues to place on the contributions of the employee and by extension the employee’s family.  Among other things the programme seeks to orient the selected young adults to the world of work whilst they contribute in a relevant and meaningful way to the operations of the Group. 

This month we highlight four of the ANSA McAL Group Interns. We asked them each to answer the following question:

“What is one thing you learnt about the ANSA McAL Group of Companies during your internship?”


Catherine Clarke, Group HR Department, Head Offiice
“My internship experience in ANSA McAL was a very memorable one and it has taught me many things that I would not have learned in the classroom. I learned how competitive the working world is and in order to succeed, dedication and hard-work is key.”

Paul Sammy, HR Department, MBM
“Under this Programme, I found the personnel at ANSA McAL to be very receptive, friendly and encouraging to my learning experience.”
Kerry Singh – Group Finance Department, Head Office
“I have learnt that creativity and clear communication are necessities in the working world. In addition, I was able to understand the importance of team work. It has been an enjoyable experience thus far and I look forward to gaining more valuable knowledge for my future endeavors.”
 Tami Deonarine – Group Legal Department, Head Office
“Being an intern at ANSA McAL for the summer period gave me the opportunity to see law in its practical usage. I also had the experience of learning the importance of co-operation within an organization.”


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