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ANSA McAL’s Sector Performer Awards 2013

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(left to right): Ms. Cindy Lutchman – Beverage Sector, Mr. Anil Maharaj – Manufacturing Sector, Mr. Mark Luke – Media Sector, Mr. A. Norman Sabga – Group Chairman and Chief Executive (ANSA McAL Group of Companies), Ms. Sarita Parsad – Financial Services Sector, Mr. Deryck Chanardip – Automotive Sector, Ms. Marina Thomson – Retail Sector, Mr. Jameel Baksh – Distribution Sector, Ms. Nadia Beepersad – Corporate Services Sector and Ms. Teresa White – Group HR Director (ANSA McAL Group of Companies).

On Saturday 19th July 2014, ANSA McAL’s Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. A. Norman Sabga, hosted a special luncheon in honor of the Group’s 2013 Sector Performer winners. The event was hosted at Jaffa at the Oval and celebrated the achievements of nine winners, who represented the Group’s eight sectors and its Corporate Services division.

The Sector Performer Awards was first introduced at their Long Service and Group Awards in 2012 and originally recognized only the Group’s eight Sectors: Beverage, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Media, Services, Automotive and Distribution. In 2013, the Corporate Services award was added to the list and included Head Office employees from Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

At the luncheon the Group’s HR Director, Ms. Teresa White, emphasized the achievements of each of the nine winners and their embodiment of the key principles: getting the people basics right; excellence in execution and acting like an owner. The Group Chairman, Mr. A. Norman Sabga, praised the awardees for their sterling contributions to the Group and encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence in all that they do.

This year’s winners included seven persons from the Group’s local operations in Trinidad and Tobago and one each from its Guyana and Miami based companies.


The ANSA McAL 2013 Sector Performer Awards went to:

Automotive Sector:
Mr. Deryck Chanardip, Divisional Manager – Auto Repair Centre (ANSA Automotive Limited)

Beverage Sector:
Ms. Cindy Lutchman, Marketing Manager – Soft Drinks Division (CARIB Brewery Limited)

Corporate Services:
Ms. Nadia Beepersad, Group Reporting Team Manager – Group Finance Department (ANSA McAL Group of Companies)

Distribution Sector:
Mr. Jameel Baksh, IT Lead – ANSA McAL Trading Limited (Guyana)

Financial Services Sector:
Ms. Sarita Parsad, Manager – Legal & Compliance (TATIL)

Manufacturing Sector:
Mr. Anil Maharaj, Assistant Operations Manager (ANSA Chemicals Limited)

Media Sector:
Mr. Mark Luke, Electrician – Maintenance Department (Guardian Media Limited)

Retail Sector:
Ms. Marina Thomson, Business Analyst (Standard Distributors Limited, Trinidad)

Services Sector:
Catalina Echeverri, Business Development Coordinator – ANSA McAL Trading (US)



ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Corporate Communications Department
Tuesday 22nd July, 2014



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