ANSA Merchant Bank launches two new income funds

Varun Maharaj, executive director of ANSA Merchant Bank

ANSA Merchant Bank has launched two new income funds, one for TT dollars and the other for US dollars, which taken together with its existing Euro Income Fund makes up the ANSA Trilogy of Income Funds. Executive director of ANSA Merchant Bank, Varun Maharaj, said: “Now that we have a trilogy of income funds, this allows investors to pursue a portfolio strategy that provides stability, opportunity while offering diversity.” 

What makes the ANSA Trilogy of Income Funds particularly attractive, Maharaj said, was that “there were no entry and exit fees, investors could have access to daily liquidity and that quarterly income could be re-invested or withdrawn.” He said that “with the dearth of investment opportunities for both T&T and US dollars that the market has been experiencing for some time, AMBL is excited about introducing these two new funds to complete the trilogy.” 

This was consistent with AMBL’s track record of offering discerning products which provide stable and healthy returns to investors, he said. The investment objectives of the Funds that comprise the ANSA Income Fund Trilogy is to generate investment returns which are superior to all similar mutual funds registered in Trinidad and Tobago, while providing for acceptable levels of liquidity and risk. The asset allocation of each fund will vary and will be actively managed to obtain the best results available from current market conditions. 

Maharaj said that investors have responded well to the Bank’s latest offering and that minimum initial investments are: $25,000 for TT$ Income Fund, US$3,000 for US$ Income Fund and €5,000 for Euro Income Fund. ANSA Merchant Bank is a member of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies, the Caribbean’s leading conglomerate. The bank, a leading mutual fund distributor in Trinidad and Tobago, offers an impressive range of financial service products which include: Foreign Exchange, Asset Financing, Mortgages and Investment Banking. 

In 2004, ANSA Merchant Bank acquired Tatil and Tatil Life Insurance. ANSA Merchant Bank is a publicly traded company on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, is one of the Caribbean’s leading financial institutions and manages funds in excess of $5 billion.

The Trinidad Guardian