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ANSA Motors Chagauanas Officially Opened


ANSA Motors was officially opened with a swanky affair on Saturday 27th February 2016. Neil Mohammed, General Manager of ANSA Motors described the new facility in Chaguanas as a one-stop shop for car sales, service, insurance and financing. The new ANSA Motors building is a sprawling, multi-product showroom, situated in the borough of Chaguanas, located on the corner of Chan Ramlal Street and the north-bound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway and sits on five acres of land with 50,000 square feet of space allocated for the showroom. The Honourable, Fitzgerald Hinds, Minister of Works and Transport delivered the feature address. Specially invited guests included, His Worship the Mayor, Alderman Gopaul Boodhan; Chaguanas Chamber President, Mr Richie Sookhai and Chaguanas West MP, Mr Ganga Singh.



Trinidad Guardian Article (Published February 29th, 2016 on Pg. A7 News):
Chaguanas chamber boss: Play greater role in reducing violence


President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce Richie Sookhai has challenged members of the business community to play a role in curbing violence in society.

“Given all the violence that we are seeing in our schools, in our homes and on our streets I think it is time that we as a business community reflect on what role we can play in making our society less volatile and seemingly out of control,” he said.

Sookhai was speaking at the formal opening of ANSA Motors, in Chaguanas on Saturday. He praised the vision of the ANSA McAL Group for its significant investment in the borough of Chaguanas.

“That vision, and the commitment to grow with Chaguanas has always been reflected in the companies that the ANSA McAL Group has established in Central Trinidad over the years. I make mention here of the Abel factory in Longdenville, the Penta Colour Shop, AMCO, amongst others,” Sookhai said.

“We in the business community know quite well how challenging it is to move the entire operations of a major national company outside of the capital city, (of Port-of-Spain) and we must applaud the incredible business acumen and vision that brought this move about,” he said, noting the relocation of Guardian Media Ltd, was another significant decision.

Last May, Guardian Media Ltd relocated its head office to Rodney Road, occupying the building to the southern end of the AMCO Compound.

“As head of the Chaguanas Chamber I also wish to acknowledge all of the good work the group has done through the Guardian Neediest Cases Fund and through the ANSA McAL Foundation, an organisation that has led the way in honouring excellence in the Caribbean community. I would certainly want to see more organisations follow the example of the group by getting involved in all levels of community work especially as we go through our lean economic times.”

So today, as we welcome the stronger presence in Chaguanas of the country’s most powerful conglomerate, I want to urge everyone here to play their part in ending violence in our society, starting with the violence against our women and children”.

Neil Mohammed, General Manager of ANSA Motors, said the new facility, located off the is a one stop shop for car sales, service, insurance and financing. On February 1, ANSA Motors opened its sprawling, multi-product showroom in the borough of Chaguanas. It is located on the corner of Chan Ramlal Street and the north-bound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway and sitting on five acres of land with 50,000 square feet of space allocated for the show-room.

In an interview with the Business Guardian earlier this month, Mohammed made it clear that the vision shared by the ANSA McAL group chairman, Norman Sabga, its chairman emeritus, Anthony Sabga and head office executives was that Chaguanas will emerge as the largest hub for commercial activity across T&T.

Specially invited guest at the formal opening, Minister of Works and Transport Fitzgerald Hinds told guests about Government’s plan to complete the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Point Fortin. Hinds said the Government also plans to construct the San Fernando to Mayaro Freeway and the Wallerfield to Manzanilla Highway with a ring road around Sangre Grande.

He said the government also proposes to develop a ring road around Chaguanas to alleviate the severe traffic problems in the borough and create a direct route to Port-of-Spain.

The Minister said the government also proposes to construct overpasses and interchanges removing all traffic lights along the highway from Port-of-Spain to Sangre Grande and build a first class road to Toco to meet the demands of a proposed new ferry port which will bring about a faster journey to and from Tobago. He said this would also serve to open up the entire northeastern region of Trinidad and create opportunities for new industrial and commercial development.

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