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ANSA rebrands Penta


Junia Regrello – Deputy Mayor of San Fernando speaking at the rebranding of ANSA Coatings Limited on Thursday  24th July,  2014 to Penta Colour Studios at Union Road, Marabella.


Penta colour shops have been rebranded and are now the Penta Colour Studios. A member of the ANSA Group for the past 35 years, Penta rebranding is being hailed as the dawn of a new era in the retailing of paints and coatings. This according to ANSA Coatings Ltd’s managing director Roger Roach, who was speaking at the launch of the Marabella Colour Studio, Union Road, Marabella.

“You are witnessing the dawn of a new era in the retailing of paints and coatings that will uniquely position this store and others to come at the forefront of the industry,” said Roach. “The aim is to bring them to international standard in terms of look, feel and service level, while maintaining the vibrancy and flair of the Caribbean.”

Roach said a major feature of the Colour Studio is the Penta Innovative Artistry, which allows customers bring in pictures of their homes and be able to get a preview of their homes in different colours before finally choosing which paints they want to purchase.

“You bring pictures of your property or room on a flash drive. We upload it to the system and provide a pictorial view of different colour schemes that match your taste and accessories, so you can blend, contrast, accent, texture, pattern or simply refresh, before you choose your colour.”

He said the Marabella store, which has been in existence for 40 years, is in an ideal location to provide services maintenance contractors who operate in the energy belt with onshore and offshore assets. “This Marabella location was established as a distribution centre since the days of ICI Paints and it has catered to a wide cross-section of customers in the south and central, including contractors, property developers and some hardwares.”

Roach promised the rebranding of four more colour shops by the end of this September, along with the introduction of new products. “Before the end of September, we will introduce a number of products, including appliance epoxy, Zinsser pool paint, and we will be testing the market for Marine Topside Paint.”

Speaking to the Guardian after the launch, Sean de Souza, sales and marketing manager of Penta Paints, said the Colour Studio contains erected furnished model rooms, which include a child’s room, a bedroom and a living-room.

“Many customers will see certain colours and want them, but are not sure how to design their spaces once they have bought it,” said De Souza. “These spaces will provide the inspiration they need.” Also addressing the guests, Junia Regrello, deputy mayor of San Fernando, praised ANSA Coatings for the rebranding effort.


Thursday 24th July, 2014
Trinidad Guardian
Story & Photo By: Sharlene Rampersad


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