Carib Glassworks Limited and Carib Brewery – World Safety Day 2011

Carib Glassworks Limited and Carib Brewery

World Safety Day 2011

The World Safety Day is an initiative by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to fortify the link between people and best management practices. Carib Brewery and Glassworks Limited commemorated the day with an event held on their compound on Thursday 28th April 2011.

The 2011 World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on the implementation of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) as a tool for continual improvement in the prevention of workplace incidents and accidents. 

The HSE Officers of Carib Glassworks and Carib Brewery planned the event: Michelle Mungal-Baptiste, Lindy-ann Holloway, Anastasia Ramnath, Tricia Thomas, Nigel Mohammed and Jackie Narine.

There were several tents with companies displaying their products:

  • Caribbean Safety Product (CSP): displaying there variety of personal protective equipment

  • West Venture: had a wide range of spill kits and absorption pads, including their de-greasers. 

  • Digicel Trinidad and Tobago: as the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Mobile Devices) Regulations 2010 is now enforced in Trinidad and Tobago, Digicel had displayed there various models of hands free sets, making it easy for Carib and Carib Glass employees to purchase these sets.

  • Rose Environmental: displaying their equipment used to monitor, noise, air emissions, hand-arm vibration etc.

  • Southern Supplies Limited (SSL): demonstrated the safety in commercial power tools, industrial and automotive equipment.

The HSE Officers also had a tent with activities planned for their employees; there was a game box, which included word search, true and false questions, questions on Health and Safety and Hangman. The employees enjoyed the games, because it not only allowed them to be more informed in health and safety but it was also an opportunity for them to receive a prize.

Like many companies, Carib Brewery and Carib Glassworks Limited are committed to a high standard of safety, striving to ensure zero negative impacts on our people, process, property and the environment. After all, a safe organization is a successful organization.


Press Release
May 12, 2011