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Carib Pilsner Light. . . Change is Refreshing!


With over two years in development, and market tested to the discriminating stands of our consumers- Carib Brewery is truly proud of this flavourful, crisp and refreshing beer- brewed in true Pilsner fashion, right here in Trinidad and Tobago.


We have every confidence in our ability to brew world-class beverages. Successfully hosting the prestigious Master Brewer’s Association of the Americas conference this year in Trinidad is just a part of that confidence. We know we can stand in comparison to any brewer in the hemisphere.


Light Beer is a rapidly growing category all over the world as beer drinkers demand new drinking experiences- you can be assured that this Carib Pilsner Light will not disappoint. With only 74 calories per bottle, it delivers a robust 4% alcohol by volume- enough to keep you in good sprits- and helps you drink responsibly.


Carib Pilsner Light comes in a crate of twenty-four returnable glass bottles (275ml) with a price of TT$ 140.00 plus VAT per case.


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