Chemical Lab Technician


Chemical Lab Technician

 Position Summary

  • To perform the full spectrum of chemical and related analysis on raw materials, batch mixes and finished products.
  • To monitor the operations in the Chemical Laboratory.
  • To ensure that the final glass product exists within the current specifications.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Train junior staff in new procedures or tests.
  2. Request, source, receive and ensure the economical use of all materials in the Chemical Laboratory.
  3. Prepare test solutions and re-agents for use in the chemical analyses of raw materials and finished products.
  4. Perform specified analyses on raw materials and furnace output to ensure conformity with Company specifications.
  5. Check ware produced from each furnace for visible defects that may be related to glass composition.
  6. Adjust batch plant scale settings for variations in the quality of raw materials and batch mix.
  7. Set up and operate the apparatus necessary to produce distilled water for use on the plant.
  8. Analyse any occluded material in the finished product to determine its origin.
  9. Send glass samples to independent testing laboratories for analyses.
  10. Ensure that all chemical and related tests are carried out in accordance with specified practices and procedures, taking corrective action as necessary.
  11. Maintain an inventory system for chemicals in the Laboratory.
  12. Recommend improvements and/or modifications to existing methods and test procedures in an effort to maximise effectiveness within the Laboratory.
  13. Prepare all reports as required by the job function thoroughly, accurately and within the specified time frame.
  14. Produce required research based on historical data to prepare for upcoming jobs or glass designing situations.
  15. Advise management as per simulations on batch formulations.
  16. Check all work produced and take corrective action necessary to ensure that it is free from defects and meets the specified quality standards.
  17. Prepare appropriate charts and reports to keep track of the results of daily analyses and to observe any trends in the quality of raw materials and melted glass.
  18. Design new spreadsheet tools for analyzing work functions.
  19. Adjust batch formulation in redesigning glass.
  20. Prepare colour change schedule.
  21. Maintain laboratory manual.
  22. Perform all duties in accordance with the procedures as per ISO 9001 standards and CGL Quality Manual.
  23. Perform any other related duties as may be required by the job function.
  24. To comply with the Company’s/ Department’s procedures and policies belonging to the Quality Management System and the Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.
  25. To fulfill the legal duties of the Occupational Safety & Health Act 2004 as an employee.

Training and Experience

  • Five (5) subjects at the Ordinary Level or the equivalent which must include Mathematics and English Language.
  • Laboratory Technician’s National Diploma.
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a chemical laboratory.
  • Knowledge of computer spreadsheet applications.



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11th Floor, TATIL Building,
Maraval Road, Port of Spain. 
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