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Consolidated Finance Celebrates 25th Anniversary

 David Inglefield, President & CEO of ANSA McAL (Barbados) addresses the audience click here for full address
Dr. Marion Williams, Governor of the Central Bank Barbados,  was the feature speaker at a reception marking the 25th Anniversary of Consolidated Finance at the Sandy Lane Country Club in Barbados. The event was attended by many of the stalwarts of the regional business sector. After 25 years in operation and writing 32,000 contracts, the successful company currently oversees $265 million in assets and employs 40 persons. The Central Bank Governor warned that local (Barbados) finance companies should expect to face greater competition in Barbados, noting, “Accordingly, as the CSME becomes a reality, finance companies from the rest of the region, and indeed the world, may seek to pursue business opportunities particularly in Barbados. And this is something that we have to be very cautious of.”

David Inglefield, President & CEO of ANSA McAL (Barbados) Ltd., of which Consolidated Finance is a subsidiary, also spoke of the need for financial companies to respond to globalisation. He noted that “Caribbeanisation” was becoming the new buzz-word as the region experienced greater consolidation of the business sector and a redefinition of the business landscape. Inglefield said that ANSA McAL embraced this strategy, since it was a springboard to the globalisation of the Group’s business and brand, but also stressed the importance of innovation and creativity (The Barbados Advocate)

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