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Engineering Manager- Carib Glassworks Ltd



Key Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Participate in the Company’s Strategic Planning process and in developing the Division’s Operational strategy. 

  2. Cost effectively allocate and control department’s manpower and other resources. 

  3. Participate in work planning, staffing and the development and review of operating systems and work procedures. 

  4. Cost effectively source and acquire new equipment, spares, tools and engineering contractor services as required. 

  5. Develop and implement effective preventive maintenance systems and procedures. 

  6. Participate in the planning for, modification/installation and test-running of existing/new equipment.

  7. Cost effectively, recommend, develop and implement innovative process/technological changes to improve the efficiency/quality of the Company.

  8. Participate in the planning and execution of projects as required.

  9. Actively provide support and technical services that respond to customers needs and engage in activities that seek to improve customers’ perception of the Company’s products. 

  10. Accurately prepare and review the Department’s annual budgets and forecasts. 

  11. Participate in the development and implementation of and perform all duties in accordance with the procedures as per ISO 9001 standards and CGL Quality Manual. 

  12. Conduct the annual performance appraisal of subordinates and undertake appropriate follow-up actions in an effort to develop the capabilities of employees and maximise the efficiency of the department. 

  13. Effectively handle industrial relations matters of the Department.

  14. Plan for and participate in training and developmental activities for subordinates.

  15. Effectively ensure that subordinates adhere to the Company’s/Department’s safety policies and procedures to minimise the risk of injury. 

  16. Accurately prepare appropriate reports relevant to the job function and related matters. 

  17. To comply with the Company’s/ Department’s procedures and policies belonging to the Quality Management System and the Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.  

  18. To fulfill the legal duties of the Occupational Safety & Health Act 2004 as an employee 

Training and Experience 

  • A bachelors degree in Engineering. 
  • At least five (5) years experience in a similar position. 
  • A working knowledge of computer operations and relevant software packages. 
  • Knowledge of glass making processes. 
  • The ability to communicate effectively

Human Resource Manager

Carib Glassworks Limited
PO Box 1287, Port-of-Spain

Fax: 663-1779




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