GFF scores big with Stag Elite League – ANSA McAL pumps millions into football


ANSA McAL’s Marketing Director Troy Cadogan, makes a symbolic presentation to GFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Clinton Urling while other officials and representatives of the company look on.

ANSA McAl Trading Limited yesterday, through their Stag Beer brand, became the title sponsors of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Elite League, pumping millions of dollars into the event which is set to kick off on September 19.Alpha United, Slingerz FC, Pele, Fruta Conquerors, Buxton United, Monedderlust, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and Georgetown Football Club (GFC) are the eight teams that will compete in the Stag Elite League.

Though the estimated figure dumped into the league by Ansa McAl was not disclosed, the GFF’s Normalisation Committee Chairman Clinton Urling, told reporters that the deal would see the distribution giants being the largest direct contribution to the GFF after FIFA.

“Ansa McAl’s involvement is not just about promoting our brand, but it’s also about a partnership with the people and the youths of Guyana” explained the company’s Marketing Director Troy Cadogan.

Cadogan, a football enthusiast in his own right, further added that “football hasn’t been played in a meaningful way for the past couple of years in Guyana. There seems to be fall off by how the game is perceived by the general public and we see this in a way of reinvigorating the sport and that’s why we went ahead with the partnership”.

It is the aim of Ansa McAl, according to the Marketing Director, to be the “owner of legitimate football in this country; organised football where we actually would lead to building better facilities and expanding the game”

The partnership, Cadogan said, would last until the 2022 World Cup where he hopes the league could help in strengthening Guyana’s football and also pointed out that he’s elated to be on board with the Elite League.

Apart from their heavy financial input, the Stag Beer Elite League would enjoy a never before seen marketing drive in football, compliments of Ansa McAl, as Cadogan pointed out “there are some novelty ideas that we were playing around with among our team in terms of marketing the games and I think this is going to be something real different”

Meanwhile, Urling said that the league will strive for footballing excellence and the GFF’s affiliation with Ansa McAl demonstrates that partnership of excellence.

“The league will be historic, in that for the first time, all the players in that league will be paid for matches played; our eight clubs are the best in the country and not just best in the players that go on the field, but the best in terms of their administrative practices” said the GFF Chairman.

Asked about the status of the playing venue, Urling told the room of reporters at Ansa McAl’s Beterverwagting Headquarters boardroom, that while they (the grounds) are not perfect, but playable and “one of the things that you’ll see happening probably towards the end of the league for the first year and definitely the second year; is the GFF facility in play and FIFA has already contracted an inspector at providence to move forward with the artificial turf”

A formal launch of the league is set for August 31 where full details of the league will be announced.

“We want to ensure that the league is sustainable and not a one-off affair. I know for the Normalisation Committee, there’s sufficient funds which we will allocate and working with our sponsors who are critical because without Ansa McAl coming on board, there wouldn’t be any league, we would probably have to look at playing it some other time” said Urling.

Taken from: The Guyana Chronicle
Date: August 19th, 2015
Link: http://guyanachronicle.com/gff-scores-big-with-stag-elite-league-ansa-mcal-pumps-millions-into-football/