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Group Human Resource Orientation held on November 21st, 2017


ANSA McAL held it’s bi-annual Human Resource Orientation on Tuesday 21st November, 2017 at Movie Towne Banquet and Conference Centre to welcome 190 new recruits to the ANSA McAL Family spanning the Group’s 8 sectors. Executive Chairman – Mr. A. Norman Sabga delivered the opening remarks and welcomed new recruits. Also in attendance were the Group HR Director – Ms. Teresa White, Beverage Sector Head – Mr. Anthony Sabga III, Manufacturing Sector Head – Mr. Andy Mahadeo and other Executives.

Automotive Sector Head – Mr. Jerome Board, Director of Health and Wellness at AMCO – Mr. Andres Assee and Trade Development Officer at AMCO – Mr. Daniel Joseph described their work experiences within the Group and shared some great advice to our new employees. In the afternoon, the new recruits were given a chance to showcase their talent in the ANSA McAL Road March activity. Team GREEN battled with all the other teams to emerge the winner!

Masters of Ceremony were our very own Ms. Golda Lee-Bruce from CNC3 and Mr. Ancil “Blaze” Isaac Jr. from the Grand Slam Morning Show on Slam 100.5fm. We’ve got some photos for you to look through. Click on the first photo below then use your right and left arrow keys to flip through the photos!

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ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Monday 27th November, 2017

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