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Journalists and editors on the multimedia election beat. Back row, left to right are Alicia Lleanos, (journalist) Shelly Dass,(Senior journalist, anchor CNC3 News and Current Affairs) Debra Wanser ,(Sunday Guardian Editor) Yvonne Baboolal, (senior journalist) Anika Gumbs-Sandiford, (senior political journalist) Shaliza Hassanali, (senior journalist) Malissa Lara,(senior journalist) Ira Mathur,(Content Development, Guardian Media) Rosemarie Sant (Head of CNC3 News)

Front row, left to right are Roger Sant, (CNC3 Sports Journalist), Richard Lord, (Senior Political Journalist), Ken Ali, (Editor,Daily Guardian), Khamal Georges, (CNC3 Political Reporter) Samson Nanton (Senior journalist and anchor CNC3).

With the announcement of the date for Elections 2010, Guardian Media Limited (comprised of CNC3, TBC Radio Network and the Guardian Newspaper) quickly jumped into a multimedia thrust of election coverage, embarking on a journey of continuously evolving and improving our election coverage to ensure that we satisfied our consumer’s needs better than our competitors.

Under this umbrella, lead by CEO – Gabriel Faria, supported by well known and highly respected leaders in the media industry for News and Current Affairs: Head of News (CNC3) – Rosemarie Sant, Senior CNC3 Anchor – Shelly Dass-Clarke, Head of Editorial – Ken Ali, AG Editor in Chief – Anthony Wilson; the election multimedia thrust was launched with multimedia journalist Ira Mathur leading the election cross content team. The multimedia team comprised of top analysts and journalists, as well as promotional support, across the group came together, sharing resources and interchanging skills to strengthen the group’s thrust.

It is the cohesive strategy of this team that drives the success of the group. The enthusiasm of the cross content and promotional team is overwhelming and each individual has shown exceptional commitment to leveraging the opportunity for continued success. This multimedia team will continue to work together in future projects as there has been recorded proof of its powerful presence in the market place.

The core of the election advertising campaign revolved around the branding of GUARDIAN MEDIA as the ELECTION HEADQUARTERS for DECISION 2010. Cross media promotions, led by Kavita Kissoon, propelled the drive to attract new readers, listeners and viewers.

The essence of the thrust by the media group revolved around the concept of a media powerhouse that is dedicated to more than just reporting the news  – extending to positively impacting the lives of people and influencing their futures. It is from this basis that the theme: “It’s YOUR right to VOTE – it’s our job to ensure that YOU make an informed decision” – came through.

This multimedia group worked on face to face and exclusive interviews with candidates, real time answers to questions, insights and updates on the marginals, polls to gauge the pulse of the nation… The highly respected journalists across the group brought the group to the forefront in the market place adding substance to the thrust and positioning the group as having the most comprehensive election coverage.

The various Heads of News (Guardian: Anthony Wilson, Sunday Guardian: Debra Wanser, CNC3: Rosemarie Sant) boosted their senior political reporters: Gail Alexander, Sampson Nanton, Shelly Dass-Clarke, Khamal Georges with significant contributions by each member. The intention to go beyond reflecting the news and into creating it through special reports such as the focus on who will lead, the marginals, the voice of the people and the financial implications of political promises. Extensive analysis by Dr. Indira Rampersad on the Marginals also contributed significantly to the group’s overwhelming success.

Of particular mention is the success of the programme, Decision 2010, hosted by Shelly Dass-Clarke – viewer participation exceeded expectations with both text in as well as social media being used to engage and interact.

Facebook participation has been phenomenal with hundreds of questions and comments incoming during the show.

To follow the events as they unfold, join:

http://www.facebook.com/cnc3television / http://www.facebook.com/Trinidad Guardian

The text in service for both comments and questions further advanced the interactivity of the multimedia team. Viewers, Readers and Listeners were empowered to let their voice be heard by texting in their comments and questions to the number 2623.

A special election microsite was launched @ http://www.guardian.co.tt/2010election where live and on demand video content, political rallies, polls, extensive analysis and commentary is available at the click of a button. Links to the websites of major political parties, the EBC and Parliament. This is the first complete one stop media election coverage website and has become very popular. It is fast proving a daring contender in the top 20 websites in T&T!

Each division of Guardian Media has leveraged the other making this multimedia team the force behind the company fast emerging as the strongest media group in the marketplace.