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Leak at CARIB Glass Plant 1 Contained
















At approximately 10.00 a.m. this morning, the furnace in Plant 1 at Carib Glassworks Ltd (CGL), which was commissioned in 2007 and one of the older furnaces at the plant, developed a leak at the base of the furnace. Plant 1 was carded to be replaced in early 2017.

Established emergency protocols were quickly activated and followed.

No injuries or loss of life were reported.

The leak was quickly contained and a further communique will follow after a full investigation and assessment of damages have been determined.

CGL’s new Furnace 3, which is a state of the art facility complete with advanced technology, is in full operation, producing in excess of 1 million glass bottles per day.


Corporate Communications Department
Sunday 05th June, 2016
Phone: 625-3670

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