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Press Release – Visit of Arenco Training Manager


Mr. Tommy Nilsson – Training Manager – Arenco


During the early part of February 2012, Mr Tommy Nilsson of Arenco visited the offices of Trinidad Match Ltd, manufacturers of Three Plumes and Swinger Safety Matches, to conduct refresher training sessions in match chemistry. Arenco is the world leader in the supply of raw materials and machinery for the match industry and has enjoyed a long business relationship with Trinidad Match Ltd.

The training was aimed at improving the quality of the finished product and ensuring it meets local and international standards. Of particular importance was the strength of the match to light easily and to show no signs of afterglow, which refers to the ability of the match to fully extinguish after use. This is a safety measure to ensure that the match does not glow and rekindle as this can cause fires.

The Managing Director of Trinidad Match, Mike Baiz, stated that some imported brands are not treated for afterglow and this was a serious cause of concern.

Trinidad Match Ltd was established over 125 years ago and continues to invest in varied types of training so that the public will always be assured of a high quality product for years to come.


Corporate Communications
February 24, 2012



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