Programme Manager

Job Scope:   The position reports to the General Manager and requires the incumbent to plan and coordinate the programming of all TBC radio stations.  He/She will be required to manage the resources of the Programming Department inclusive of personnel and all broadcast material.  

Key Components include:
·  Establishes and approves materials broadcast on all TBC radio stations.
·  Evaluates materials prior to broadcast for accuracy, quality and adherence to TATT guidelines.
·  Monitor broadcast traffic and logging activities and make improvements when necessary to enhance programming format. 
·  Schedule local and national programmes, promotional materials and public service announcements. 
· Analyze the programming needs of the listening public and create programmes to serve these needs.
· Confer and participate with promotion and development departments in developing special programmes, events and fund raising activities.
·  Previews and screens local, regional, national and international programme sources for possible station use and purchase. 
· Serves as producer of music, news or other information programming as required. 
·  Assist in the development of the Company’s business plans and achievement of goals.
· Represent the station in responding to audience programming enquiries.

Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
·  Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting or related field and three (3) years experience in programme evaluation, acquisition and scheduling for radio or television, a minimum of one (1) year at a supervisory level. 
·  A minimum of seven (7) years experience in programme evaluation, acquisition and scheduling for radio or television

A combination of relevant qualifications and experience will also be considered. 

    Resumes should be sent no later than Monday 2nd June, 2008 to:
P.O. Box 600, 11th Floor, TATIL Building
11 Maraval Road, Port of Spain
Or email: [email protected]
Fax: 624-8753