Slow start to trading week


Trading in four securities produced a total volume traded of 17,476 shares and corresponding traded value of $82,872.39. Trinidad Cement Ltd was the most active with 11,302 shares changing hands for a value of $45,797.13. National Enterprises Ltd posted a trade volume of 5,130 shares and trade value of $29,241.00.

Sagicor Financial Corporation and National Flour Mills Ltd recorded volumes of 746 shares and 298 shares valued at $7,661.42 and $172.84 respectively. There were no price movements in Monday’s trading activity. There was no activity on the Mutual Fund or Second Tier markets. The Composite, All T&T and Cross Listed Indices remained unchanged at 808.91, 1,103.39 and 63.61 in that order.

(Taken from the Trinidad Guardian 21 April 2009 – http://guardian.co.tt/)