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The ANSA McAL Group 2015 Long Service and Sector Performer Awards

Long Service 2015 (9)

CARIB Glassworks Limited and CARIB Brewery Limited awardees celebrate their achievements.

Over three hundred and twenty employees of the ANSA McAL Group were honoured at company’s Long Service and Sector Performer Awards ceremony held at Radisson Hotel, Trinidad on Wednesday 15th July 2015. This year Group celebrated over eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty years of collective service.

The Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. A. Norman Sabga paid tribute to awardees celebrating 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service and called on them to contribute meaningfully in their workplace, to be leaders in their communities and ambassadors of the conglomerate.

Group HR Director, Ms. Teresa White spoke about the collective achievement of the milestones attained. “Each of you represent the very heart and soul of the ANSA McAL Group. Your dedicated efforts have helped us to remain vibrant and relevant”, Ms. White stated.

Amongst the Group’s Long Service awardees were Mr. David B Sabga, ANSA McAL’s Deputy Chairman who celebrated 30 years of service; Mr. Jose L. Nivet, Sector Head – Distribution who attained 35 years of service and Maria Superville-Neilson, Programme Director of the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards who completed 40 years of service in the Group.

For the third consecutive year, nine Sector Performer winners representing Automotive, Beverage, Distribution, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Services and one winner from the Corporate Services, Head Office were recognized for their talent and exceptional achievements.

Those who were selected as winners displayed excellence in:

– Getting the People Basics Right
– Excellence in Execution and
– Acting like Owners

The Winners were:

Mr Auron Roberts – Parts Supervisor, Richmond Motors
Sector Performer Winner for Automotive

Mr Christopher Deonarine – Health & Safety Officer, Carib Glassworks Ltd
Sector Performer Winner for Beverage

Ms Bhudevi Supersad – Brand Manager, Consumer Products, AMCO
Sector Performer Winner for Distribution

Ms Luanna Rahman – Manager, Pensions Services, TATIL
Sector Performer Winner for Financial Services

Mr Dave Ali – Trade Sales Manager, Penta, ANSA Coatings Ltd
Sector Performer Winner for Manufacturing

Mr Nicholas Attai – Network and Security Administrator, Guardian Media Ltd
Sector Performer Winner for Media

Mr Dexter Francis – Foreman, Central Warehouse, Standard Distributors Ltd
Sector Performer Winner for Retail

Mr Clyde Bryan – Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor, ANSA Technologies Ltd
Sector Performer Winner for Services

Mr Shane Poona – Group IT Business Systems Manager
Corporate Services, Head Office

Winners were presented with Samsung LED Smart televisions from Standard Distributors Ltd.

Guests were treated to a poolside reception hosted by Mr. A. Norman Sabga, Group Chairman and Chief Executive where Caribbean Fusion, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and Mexican dishes were exquisitely prepared by new Executive Chef at the Radisson, Edgar Vazquez.

For more photos please see below:

Long Service 2015 (1)

Mr. Jerome Borde, Automotive Sector Head presents a certificate to Mr. Auron Roberts, 2015 Automotive Sector Winner.

Long Service 2015 (2)

Mr. Andrew Sabga Beverage – Sector Head, congratulates Mr. Christopher Deonarine, Beverage Sector winner.

Long Service 2015 (3)

Mr. Chip Sa Gomes, Finance Services Sector Head congratulates Ms. Luanna Rahman, Financial Services Sector Winner.

Long Service 2015 (4)

Mr. Dave Ali Sector Performer Winner, Manufacturing and ANSA McAL Long Service awardee in the 35 years category is congratulated by Mr. A Norman Sabga, Group Chairman and Chief Executive.

Long Service 2015 (5)

Mr. Jose Nivet, Distribution Sector Head receives his Long Service certificate from Mr. Andrew Sabga for his 35 years of Service.

Long Service 2015 (6)

Ms. Teresa White, Group HR Director, presents a token of appreciation to the Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. A Norman Sabga.

Long Service 2015 (7)

Mr. Norman A. Sabga, ANSA McAL Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive congratulates Ms. Maria Superville-Neilson, Programme Director of the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for her 40 years service.

Long Service 2015 (8)

Masters of Ceremony for the ANSA McAL’s 2015 Long Service and Sector Performer Awards. Mr, Kashta Ome and Ms Amy Lazzari from the Group’s HR  Department.

Long Service 2015 (10)

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ali both Long Services recipients along with Mr. Roger Roach, Managing Director of ANSA Coatings Ltd. 

Long Service 2015 (11)

From left Mr. Courteney Barker of Standards Distributors, Long Service recipient for 30 years poses with Ms. Amy Lazzari Group’s HR Advisor and Mr. Adam Sabga – Standards Distributors Ltd Managing Director.

Long Service 2015 (12)

From Left Ms. Teresa White, Group Hr Director, Mrs. Frances Bain-Cumberbatch – ANSA McAL’s Group Head of Legal, Corporate Secretary and Long Service awardee Ms Marsha Warrell celebrates 20 years service. 

Long Service 2015 (13)

Mr. Jerome Borde , Ms. Kathleen Galy, Mr. Anthony Sabga III and Mr. Ray A. Sumairsingh from ANSA McAL Ltd.

Long Service 2015 (14)

Mr. Andrew Sabga , Beverage Sector Head poses with Mr Peter Nandlal who received a Long Service award for 40 years of service  and Ms. Meera Nandlal.

Long Service 2015 (15)

Ms. Rose Maria Lee Kim, 35 years service awardee from TATIL and her daughter Ms. Candice Lee Kim.

Corporate Communications Department
ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Monday 20th July, 2015

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