Tips for a Safe Carnival 2008


1. Excessive use of alcohol inhibits your ability to make appropriate decisions – it produces mental, physical, emotional and behavioural changes in an individual. If you are drinking, do so in moderation.

2. If you are drinking alcohol, don’t drive; if you are driving, don’t drink alcohol. Designate a driver if moving in groups.

3. Avoid dark and lonely places. At all times try to get someone to accompany you.

4. Do not accept lifts from Strangers.

5. If alone, and you feel threatened by a car stopping next you, start running in the same direction that you were originally heading. Create an alarm!

6. Screaming loudly while running can be very useful. [ in the case of being followed].

7. Under no circumstances should you engage in any conversation through the open window of a car with several strangers, even if to get directions. If you do need directions, stay as far from the car as possible.

8. Be alert; always look as though you know exactly where you are going. Always find out exact directions of your destination prior to leaving your home.

9. Absolutely no hitchhiking.

10. Women should avoid travelling in cars with men only.

11. A working knowledge of self-defence techniques is a plus, however, remember it is better to divert the perpetrator’s attention long enough to get away. Create an alarm, and cause a distraction!

12. Monitor drinks received in open cups.

13. Do not consider yourself safe until you are behind locked doors [within your home].

14. If being followed, drive to the nearest Police Station, whilst creating an alarm!

15. When coming home late be aware of surroundings, particularly when approaching a locked gate, sound your horn to alert attention, call home ahead of time to alert someone.

16. Be aware of Basic allergies. [All inclusive parties, bands etc., find out menus] Do not use Carnival to sample new foods, drinks etc.