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On June 5th, 2018, ANSA McAL hosted its biannual HR Orientation at the Banquet and Conference Centre, in Fiesta Plaza Movie Towne. Mr. Andrew Sabga, Group Chief Executive Officer, along with other members of the Executive Team welcomed the recruits.

During Mr. Andrew Sabga’s address he encouraged the recruits to continuously strive to add value to the workplace and emphasized the significance of the Group’s Mission statement. He reassured the recruits, that the great opportunities at with the Group to build sustainable careers.

Mr. Adam Sabga, Sector Head – Construction, shared his experience working at the Group. He explained that his focus was on the bigger picture, dedication to his job, and the years of hard work created opportunities for him to move across and upward. Mr. Martin Farinha, Group Chief Information Officer and Ms. Aimee Bridglalsingh, Digital Strategist at Guardian Media were amongst the presenters who shared their perspective with the recruits, regarding the Group’s culture and their work experiences.

Throughout the session, employees were able to give feedback using online voting buttons. The recruits, clad in colourful mardi – gras beads, participated in ‘Round Robin’ session, where they able to visit pop-up information booths manned by representatives of all sectors.

The final feature of the day, “ANSA Road-March” certainly created an energy filled atmosphere, recruits were divided into eight teams. Each team was given a Carnival Road March song, to be used as background music and a topic. Topics included a product, a company or a Sector related to the ANSA McAL Group. Teams were required to incorporate these two elements to compose and perform an original song. This activity required them to utilize the information they had gained during the ‘Round Robin’ sessions. At the end of the performances, the audience voted for the best performance.

The sessions were engaging and informative which certainly created a buzz of energy based on feedback received.

Corporate Communications Department
ANSA McAL Group of Companies
Wednesday 04th July, 2018

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