CARIB Brewery (Grenada)

Incorporated in 1960, Grenada Breweries Ltd was one of two breweries set up in the Windward and Leeward Islands by the Caribbean Development Company (CDC), which was at the time the sole brewer and bottler of beer and stout in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Brewery was built upon three and a half acres of land in Grand Anse, was originally earmarked for an area in Annandale, north east St. George. However, the present location, in South St. George was selected and purchased in 1961, due to its commercial and economic viability.

In December 1961, Carib, the first beer to be brewed and bottled in Grenada, rolled off the bottling line. A case of 24 bottles was sold initially for the princely sum of EC$4.70; the daily wage then for a male estate worker was EC$1.20 per day. At that time, there were a variety of foreign beer brands on the market. The Company thus embarked upon vigorous marketing of the lager to the beer consuming public.

In 1981, Guinness PLC, now a member of the Diageo group, purchased the majority shareholding in the Company and began bottling Guinness stout. This was followed by the introduction of Guinness Malta in 1987.

The Company places great emphasis on producing excellent quality products and those efforts were rewarded in May 2001, when the flagship brand, Carib, won a Gold medal at the Monde Selection awards in Brussels, Belgium. This drive for excellent quality continues and today the Brewery boasts of having a first rate laboratory, one of the best on the island, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and operated by highly trained local personnel.

In 2002, the majority shares of the Company were purchased by the ANSA McAL group from Diageo. That acquisition saw the Grenada Breweries Ltd assuming an operational and technical affiliation with the Caribbean Development Co., a subsidiary of the ANSA
McAL Group of Companies. As a member of the ANSA McAL Group of companies, Grenada Breweries Ltd benefits tremendously from Group synergies, portfolio expansion and increased opportunities for exports.

Currently Grenada Breweries Ltd exports Carib, Stag, Mackeson, Shandy Carib and Ginseng Up to 5 regional markets. Stag lager beer, a light bodied European style lager, was launched in 2008 and to date its performance has been exceptional. Grenada Breweries Ltd., is more than just a household name in Grenada. Its brands form a part of the Grenadian culture and socio-economic landscape, and transcend age and social class. Over the years the Company has grown to become an exemplary corporate citizen. The footprint of its social responsibility spans the country through sponsorship of numerous social, cultural, sporting and educational events, community projects and environmental initiatives.

From an initial payroll of less than twenty in 1961, the company has grown to be the largest manufacturing entity in the state, as it now directly employs over 150 persons and produces over 900,000 cases of beverage product annually.

We remain steadfast in our mission – to maintain a high profile as an excellent corporate citizen through high standards of corporate governance and identification with national aspirations.


Mr. Ron Antoine, Managing Director
Mrs. Aldyn Henry-Bishop, Chief Financial Officer / Company Secretary
Mr. Lincoln Baptiste, Sales & Marketing Manager
Mr. Delano Pasea, Operations Manager


Mailing Address: PO Box 202, St George’s, Grenada, W.I.
Telephone: 1-473-444-4248
Fax: 1-473-444-4842

  • A balanced, full-bodied and distinctively smooth lager that takes ‘refreshing’ to another level

  • A European style lager with a distinct, robust flavour and a lingering but gentle aftertaste. Both its taste and its name are indicative of what true masculinity is – unforgettable strength and character

  • This crisp, metallic gold lager is made from the purest ingredients – 100% barley malt; choice hops and pure water and promises nothing but the most invigorating experience

  • This world-famous, full-bodied beer is the colour of the richest, darkest chocolate and takes you on a roller-coaster ride of flavour

  • This is an instantly satisfying, full-bodied milk stout. Its roasted malt aroma is a superb opener for its dark, creamy, semi-sweet goodness that finishes with a hint of a coffee-like flavour

  • A rich amber ale with a strong hoppy flavour, distinct fruit aroma and subtle citrus hints

  • This full bodied malt beverage has a smooth malt taste with hints of sweet caramel, its packed with vitamins and nutrients and has become one of the most loved energy drinks by Grenadians

  • With a classic taste in rich malt, this non-alcoholic beverage made of 100% malt and zero fat is high in nutrients and vitamins

  • Bright, bubbly soft drink in a range of fruity flavour that reconnects consumers with the fun-loving kid inside

  • A truly natural soft drink with a clean, crisp taste and a strong citrus flavour from real Caribbean grapefruit juice

  • The authentic taste of this light alcoholic beverage is a consumer favourite because its delightful and unique burst of flavours reconnects consumers with fun and memorable times with family and friends

  • This healthy, non-alcoholic beverage captures the earthiness of the root and combines it with real fruit juice flavour to give consumers with a hectic lifestyle a tasty and sustained boost for “What’s Up Next”

  • A slightly sweet, vodka mix carbonated beverage with a clean, crisp, refreshing taste. In a range of flavours with edgy twists that won’t

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