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In 1950 the Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) launched its award winning Carib Lager beer and began with an annual production of 10,000 hectolitres. Almost 65 years later, the brewery has expanded to include sister breweries in Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis both of which began production in 1983. Today, the Brewery employs over one thousand (1,000) employees and produces over 1,200,000 hectolitres of product annually.

Expanded brewery facilities have allowed the company to meet the increasing demands of the local market as well as exports to 27 international destinations. New brands and flavours have been developed and launched over the years, moving the company from one pinnacle of success to another.

The Brewery has also formed partnerships with International Companies such as Heineken International B.V., Ginseng-Up Corp and Diageo and as a result several international brands are produced under license for local and export consumption. The Brewery has also acquired the global rights (with the exception of the United Kingdom) for Mackeson Milk Stout in keeping with the objective of building a portfolio of Global Beverage Brands.

Carib Brewery is an industry leader and has dominated the regional market in the production of go-to beverages for locals and visitors. Since its inception in 1950, when it introduced Carib Lager beer at TT16 cents a bottle, the demand for international brands has steadily decreased. Today, Carib Brewery brands are internationally recognized and the Carib Beer insignia is known around the world as a symbol of the Caribbean’s blue waters and year-round sunshine.

Top Brands
  • Since 1950, Carib has been a bona fide thirst-quencher and a symbol for everything quintessentially ‘Caribbean’ – energy and warmth that are briefly tempered by a cool sea breeze. It is a balanced, full-bodied and distinctively smooth lager that takes ‘refreshing’ to another level. The revitalizing appeal of this continental-style brew has made it an instant and permanent favourite and the first choice for any occasion.

    Alcohol by Volume: 5.1 – 5.4%

  • When Carib Brewery perfected a recipe for a light beer that did not compromise on great taste, Carib Light was created. It is refreshingly crisp like the dawn of a new day and its pale golden colour is like the first few minutes of a Caribbean sunset. This pilsner’s alcohol content is only slightly lower than that of a Carib lager but definitely enough to put some pep in your step.

    Alcohol by Volume – 3.9 – 4.1%

  • Stag is a European style lager with a distinct, robust flavour and a lingering but gentle aftertaste. Both its taste and its name are indicative of what true masculinity is – unforgettable strength and character. It appeals to the male consumer who embodies these characteristics and who appreciates a beer that reminds him and everyone around him of exactly who he is.

    Alcohol by Volume: 5.4 – 5.9%

  • Heineken was introduced to Trinidad & Tobago in the early 1950s but since 2012 Carib Brewery Limited has been the official distributor for the Heineken brand. Consumers can enjoy Heineken in 250ml cans, 300ml bottles, 330 ml club bottles and draught.

    Alcohol by Volume: 5%

  • Heineken Light comes directly from Zoeterwoude, our main brewery in Holland and is available in 330ml non-returnable bottles and 250ml cans. We are extremely excited by this extension to the Heineken Brand Family and we encourage you to enjoy Heineken Light responsibly. Heineken Light, The Best Tasting Light.

    Alcohol by Volume: 3.3%

  • This instantly satisfying, full-bodied milk stout is perfect for a generation that thrives on immediate and long-lasting gratification in their personal, professional and pleasurable pursuits. Its roasted malt aroma is a superb opener for its dark, creamy, semi-sweet goodness that finishes with a hint of a coffee-like flavour.

    Alcohol by Volume: 4.9%

  • The experience of drinking a GUINNESS® is pleasantly complex. The taste of the alcohol in it is cleverly disguised and while there is a definite bitter quality to the stout because it is brewed with extra hops, it is very smooth. Prolonged shelf life because of the hops is an added bonus. GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout is uniquely different from GUINNESS® Draught both in taste profile and colour.

    Alcohol by Volume – 7.3 – 7.7%

  • This full-bodied, lightly carbonated, molasses coloured stout explodes with flavour from the first mouthful. Hints of caramel, chocolate, coffee and even fruit combine with the smokiness of roasted barley to give consumers an unforgettable, additive-free experience. The majestic power and confidence of the lion are mirrored by the drink’s ability to arouse the same qualities in both male and female consumers who admire and desire individuality and strength.

    Alcohol by Volume: 7.0 – 7.4%

  • Smirnoff Ice (Red) a.k.a ‘Red Ice,’ is a naughty limeade. There is a delightful balance of tart and sweet, and the vodka and lime are perfectly blended to create the ‘ready-to-drink’ beverage of choice for every occasion. Smirnoff Vodka plays more of a starring role in Smirnoff Ice (Black) commonly known as ‘Black Ice,’ is completely clear in appearance, is mildly fruity and exceptionally smooth and provides a more intense Smirnoff Ice experience.

    Red Ice: Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%
    Black Ice: Alcohol by Volume: 7.7%

  • A great lager beer is by itself a treasure but a great beer combined with the zing of ginger, the festive and spicy sweetness of sorrel or the revitalizing kick of lime creates winning and classic combinations. This is what the Carib brewery introduced in 1985 – an instant classic. The authentic taste of this light alcoholic beverage is a consumer favourite because its delightful and unique burst of flavours reconnects consumers with fun and memorable times with family and friends.

    Alcohol by Volume – not more than 1.2%

  • This delicious, semi-sweet, malted beverage is non-alcoholic, all natural and so good for you. It contains energy boosting carbohydrates and protein and can improve brain function because malt is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. Malta Carib is a truly unique, guilt-free experience that has made it a lifelong favourite for athletes as well as the young and young at heart.

    Alcohol by Volume – no alcohol

  • Lovers of the original Malta Carib who want a sweeter experience with a lighter consistency will truly enjoy the latest addition to the Malta Carib family, Malta Carib Ultra. There is also a bonus to the protein and energising carbohydrates of the original recipe as well as the enhanced flavour, an additional vitamin pack. It is rich in vitamins B12, B6, B3 and B1. Healthy never tasted this good.

    Alcohol by Volume – no alcohol

  • This ‘mini’ Malta Carib captures the same tried, tested and true wholesome deliciousness of a full-sized Malta Carib and is perfectly sized for kids and teens who need healthy snack options for school-time, after-school and fun activities.

    Alcohol by Volume – no alcohol

  • Hidden within the mild but satisfyingly sweet flavours of Ginseng Up is the fatigue-fighting and stress-soothing power of the Korean Ginseng Root. This healthy, non-alcoholic beverage captures the earthiness of the root and combines it with real fruit juice flavour to give consumers with a hectic lifestyle a tasty and sustained boost for ‘What’s up Next’.

    Alcohol by Volume – no alcohol

  • Rockstone tonic wine is a fortified alcoholic beverage with its signature Powaroots blend and vitamins. It is the perfect drink to keep your energy and vitality going. This gluten-free, all-natural flavoured beverage can be enjoyed as a chaser, booster, revitaliser and thirst quencher.

  • The pursuit of a healthier, approach to life shouldn’t mean compromising on enjoying the taste of a great brew. Carib Pilsner Light at just 74 calories and 4% alcohol volume, is a crisp beer that provides Carib lovers with a no compromise, all beer option. With a pour that is lighter bodied, yet maintains that distinctive golden Carib hue, Carib Pilsner Light is the perfect, refreshing, lower-calorie choice after conquering that extra mile.


We exist to refresh & uplift people world-wide with unique, appealing beverages.


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