CARIB Brewery (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd
Something for everyone: CARIB Brewery has a growing portfolio of alcoholic and low to non-alcoholic beverages that deliver satisfaction and refreshment to multiple market segments.

CARIB Brewery is an industry leader and has dominated the regional market in the production of go-to beverages for locals and visitors. CARIB Brewery brands are internationally recognized and the Carib® logo is known worldwide as a symbol of the Caribbean’s blue waters and year-round sunshine.

The British get kudos for introducing beer to the Caribbean in the 1880s as it was Sir Gerald Wight, then Chairman of Alstons Company Limited (now McEnearney Alstons Limited) and a Royal Air Force veteran from World War I, who established a new brewery and a glassworks factory as a life-preserver to a traditional sugar and oil-dependent economy. Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) was formed in 1947 and led by Sir Gerald to do just that.

An individual, known only as Mr Walters, lifted the spirits of many during the worldwide depression that followed World War I with his dark porter brews. He owned and operated the Trinidad Brewing Company, which produced and sold Royal Lion Ale, Royal Extra Stout and Black Velvet Stout. In 1957, amid increasing competition from CDC, Mr Walters sold the Trinidad Brewing Company to CDC, thus adding his brands to their already growing portfolio.

And the rest is beer history.

Since then, we at CARIB Brewery have grown from strength to strength. We continue to innovate and develop our portfolio in every category to ensure consumers can find a beverage they can call their own. Our products are key ingredients in every gathering. We are proud to bring the fun and vibes that an island lime is known for to over thirty countries across the globe. We cater to the young and young at heart, with a guarantee that from the first sip to the last, each product will be recognized by the refreshing sound – “aaaaahhhhh!”.