Since JINBEI’s products formally put into production in 1991, there are three whole vehicle platforms which include JINBEI H1, H2L, and CNG models that were built. Presently ANSA Motors is the distributor of the H1 Panel, H2L Mini Bus, JINBEI CNG Mini Bus and Panel Van in its abundant products line has already covered transportation, logistics, commerce, policing, public service, healthcare and other fields.

JINBEI houses the nation’s leading state of the art Auto Collision and Repair Body Shop. The company ensures top class customer service with knowledgeable sales personnel and highly trained auto engineering personnel; superior after sales and maintenance systems, as well as offers the very competitive auto insurance and financing InOne Package.

At JINBEI, we have all your car needs covered. Come in and feel the connection of JINBEI to the world.

Products and Services

ANSA Motors distributes the full line of JINBEI Commercial Vehicles, which includes the H1 Panel, H2L Mini Bus, JINBEI CNG Mini Bus and Panel Van.

Superior After-Sales Service with its factory-trained technicians using cutting edge diagnostic and repair technology, Genuine Parts, and Auto Collision and Repair Body Shop.

An unbeatable Auto Insurance and Financing InOne Package offering FREE Insurance, FREE Guaranteed Maintenance, and FREE 24-Hour Roadside Assistance for up to 5 years.

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