ANSA McAL continuously invests in its employees, customers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. We are committed to investing in human capital, implementing sustainable practices, and supporting communities through philanthropic initiatives in the territories in which we operate. The Group’s mantra ‘Together We Are Family’ guides our practices on how we invest and look after people.

Safe working

At ANSA MCaL we take safety at work very seriously. Within each of our sectors there are inherent risks, and as such it is important that we manage these risks. To do so, we must work hand in hand with our employees.

In 2022, Group HSSE launched a Safe System of Work training programme at all of ANSA McAL’s manufacturing and warehouse sites in the Beverage, Manufacturing, Construction Automotive, and Distribution Sectors. The training includes the basics of safety, as well as good safety practices, and specific workplace hazard awareness such as warehouse safety, lab safety etc. The aim of the training is to increase understanding of safety awareness and personal accountability amongst the workforce, to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents.

Equal Opportunity

The ANSA McAL Group recommitted to working harder for gender equality and women’s enablement. The Group will continue to promote and develop female leaders, and through policies, strive to create an exceptional environment for our women. ANSA McAL is passionate about diversity and has solid female representation at most of our senior levels (Board and C-Suite). We also are actively developing women at the MD-1 and MD-2 levels, ensuring that the leaders of the future are equally represented across the Group.

A main component of the “Social” pillar in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, DEI policy development in the workplace is increasingly coming into focus. Explicitly stated in the Group’s HR Policies “The Group is does not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, marital status or disability”. We hold this close to our heart and actively follow it.

Employee, customer & consumer well-being

Employees are ANSA McaL’s most valuable Stakeholders. They are the engines that keep the businesses going, the collective spirit of the company, and our brand ambassadors. Every year we pause to check to see how we are doing, via our annual Pulse Survey. As part of our commitment to culture transformation in 2023 and beyond, we will be laser focused on ensuring that every employee is fully connected, and that their career path is both clearly defined and transparent.

Crucial to quality control is the safety of a product such that it supports the health and safety of its consumers. Investment in Quality, and consumer health and safety are consistent across the Manufacturing, Beverage and Construction sectors with several companies having ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management Systems, and Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000.

Responsible Marketing & Innovation

As a socially responsible entity, the Beverage Sector has always committed to campaigns that promote the safe consumption of its products. One such campaign is the @EASE (AT EASE) campaign, which embodies the idea that as the Carib brand expresses the fun, energy and happiness that flows naturally through all Caribbean people in ‘the way we play’, there is also the sense of cool ease with which we enjoy life that also defines us and gives us balance.

Therefore, by practising this balance, with each person consuming CARIB Brewery products responsibly, we all put each other’s minds ‘at ease’, to enjoy the best of good times together. This ‘ease’ is what the Beverage Sector desires to promote as a key guiding principle by which everyone enjoys their favourite CARIB brand responsibly.


Our Champions programme is a gateway for our true talent pipeline: a 24-month rotational programme aimed at converting our region’s most ambitious and high-performing graduates into our future Executives. Candidates are immersed in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment where they are expected to deliver results and progress swiftly.

The Champions programme was initially launched in Trinidad in 2015. The programme was launched in Guyana in September 2022 is set to launch in Barbados in 2023.